Getting Started with PhraseExpander

Getting Started with PhraseExpander

In this tutorial you will learn the basics to start using StatNote's dot phrases on PhraseExpander. Follow the step-by-step instructions below or watch this full-length video with the installation process and the basics on using StatNote's dot phrases on PhraseExpander.

Step 1 - Download Phrase Expander

You can download PhraseExpander for free here.
PhraseExpander offers a 21-day free trial for you to explore their productivity software exclusively made for clinicians.
* Windows 8 or 10 required.

Once you finish downloading PhraseExpander, begin the installation. Go ahead and click Next throughout the installation wizard until you complete the installation.

Step 2 - Import StatNote's dot phrases

StatNote partners with PhraseExpander to provide a library of dot phrases for Primary Care clinicians.

StatNote offers a free Basic version of their top 100 most commonly used dot phrases. You can download them for free by signing up here. If you find them useful and you like using PhraseExpress you can purchase the complete library of more than 1,000 dot phrases here.

Once you download the file with the "glossary" of dot phrases, you will need to import them into PhraseExpander.

Step 3 - Start Using StatNote's dot phrases on PhraseExpander

Here are some slides with a basic tutorial to get you started.

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