Getting Started with StatNote Ninja Stick

Getting Started with StatNote Ninja Stick

Watch our video tutorial or follow these easy step-by-step instructions:

  1. Plug-in the USB Ninja Stick to the computer. 
  2. Open the PhraseExpress folder. Then double-click the PhraseExpress application file. 
  3. Click OK/Next until you complete the installation wizard. (No need to change any settings. Allow access if the Firewall tries to block access to the app).
  4. Once you open the PhraseExpress app. Go to File > Open > Local Phrase File
  5. Select the ,StatNote_PRO.pxi phrase file and click Open
  6. Click OK to load as an additional phrase file, when prompted. 

That should complete the installation and now you should be able to use the dot phrases. 

Take a look at our quick-start guide whit the basics on how to use PhraseExpress. 

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